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Connecting People- IlluminatingPossibitities

City lights is a Purpose-Driven Recruitement firm with a Global Cosmopolitan mindset.
We put social value and the development of human potential at the forefront of our services.

Our Services

Recruiting Service for Bilingual Professionals with International Experience

In the era of globalization, business mindsets are shifting rapidly to encompass diverse cultures and skillsets.
City Lights is a global recruiting agent that sources talented bilingual individuals with international perspectives for forward-looking companies with high demand for global talent. Our broad outreach to bilingual professionals spans the globe, including in Japan, Japanese nationals living overseas, Japanese students studying abroad and nationals of many countries who wish to live and work in Japan.
Outreach through our extensive worldwide network reaches major platforms including New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. Our vast reach enables us to recognize and tap into exceptional talent that will catalyze the success of your business – both domestically and overseas.


Characteristics of our bilingual human resources

Tapping into distinguished bilingual talent from around the world to advance the globalization of business

Japanese professionals from around the world are getting to know Japan from a global business perspective, and learning about the diverse possibilities it offers.
As a global cosmopolitan workforce, they are expanding their horizons, and diversifying their outlook and skillsets through their varied global experience. The number of bilingual Japanese experts has increased in recent years. This new generation of Japanese experts has high potential that will be a force for positive change in your company.

Growth of Japanese residents overseas

Population of Japanese residents overseas: 1,351,970

Population of Japanese residents overseas: 1,351,970 Graph

Feature Of Service

1. Service

Search and Match Solutions

We provide customized match support for bilingual talent to top positions in Japan and abroad. This means placing the most talented candidates in the right posts according to companies’ language needs, such as in-house interpreter and bilingual secretary.

Hiring Support in Japan and Overseas

We support International recruitment through our overseas direct networks. This allows us to respond rapidly, conducting local human resource consultations at the time of your overseas expansion in order to ensure the rapid recruitment of qualified personnel.

Multilingual Recruitment Advertisements *Beginning in 2019

We will distribute information about your human resource needs (such as bilingual talent and foreign recruitment) in multilingual advertisements. With a focus on your corporate culture, our unique recruitment advertisements will promote optimal matching of high-quality candidates to posts.


2. Support

Placement service

Temp to Hire

Short term Staffing / Placement

Free HR Consultation

Global Talent pool

Relocation service for Overseas candidates

Direct outreach and mutual support drives results that make both our client companies and their employees happy

Our Team

Full Recruitment Support In Japan And Abroad – Direct Reach To Top Bilingual Talent

Our direct outreach as built a network of local recruiters scattered across the globe to meet your recruitment needs – from Tokyo to LA, NY and more. We match ideal human resources in domestic and overseas markets with jobs requiring their diverse skillsets, tapping into qualified candidates who reached out to us through our web advertisements and those selected from recruitment databases.

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Globally connecting local recruiters with internationally experienced staff

Our Passion is people

Our Passion is people, and we love bringing out the best in them. We believe the best way to do that is by bringing them together in ways that enrich their lives-a "win-win" for both companies and job-seekers. City lights innovative Recruiter sysytem does so much more than matching skills to jobs. We get to know people-their experiences and aspirations - before introducing them to companies that can help them realize their dreams. While data is the cornerstone of our Recruiting technology, it is focused on the value of each indivisual. Value-driven data is what makes us different, and makes a positive impact on society. With innovetative ideas like our Recruiter platform, we aim to change the image of recruiting companies as agents for positive change.

Our Team

Aliy Maruyama Recruiter New York
Aliy Maruyama Recruiter New York

Pursuing the individuality beyond the resumes

I believe that a best match can be found by looking for what defines you as an individual. With a relaxing atmosphere upon interviewing , I want to work towards finding the authenticity that defines you and discover your potential.

Alen Ho Recruiter New York
Alen Ho Recruiter New York

Dreams don’t work unless you do

I seek candidates who exudes confidence and has the potential and willingness to learn.For me, your resume is only a cover to a book, but by establishing an honest and trusting relationship with my candidates, it allows me to understand their story and personality.Success starts with building a strong relationship between our recruiters and clients.

Zachary Kinjo Recruiter Los Angeles
Zachary Kinjo Recruiter Los Angeles

Are you conscious of your possibilities

From my personal experiences with coaching through volunteering and working for companies, I want to build up on your confidence and expound your future career. I will work towards finding your ideal team and environment for you to be able to expanse more opportunities.

Stephanie Tanaka Recruiter Los Angeles
Stephanie Tanaka Recruiter Los Angeles

Be different, be daring, and be yourself

I will pull out your full potential and talent to open up your career “ My passion is to put in the quality time to build the right kind of rela- tionships with the right kind of candidates, cli- ents and colleagues through our counseling. I value our counseling to find the best- matched career for our candidates and for our clients.

Kazuhiko Eddie, Eda Recruiter Tokyo
Kazuhiko Eddie, Eda Recruiter Tokyo

With your potential and distinctiveness, you can excel anywher

Every one has something to offer from their uniqueness. With your priceless experiences overseas and learned the importance of enhancing one’s individuality to be able to excel at a given workspace. With my long carrier with recruitment and my personal experiences, I work towards illuminating your future.

Masato Harada Recruiter Tokyo
Masato Harada Recruiter Tokyo

Be grateful for every meeting and encounter I have

My style of recruitment involves creating a warm and welcoming environment, which would hopefully allow my candidates to feel comfortable expressing who they are and what they are capable of. I equally care for each interview I hold, as I view each candidate as a potential colleague in the future.

Flow Of Matching

1. Consultation

Please tell us about the details of an opening position either online or by phone. We will conduct a hearing to understand your staffing needs. Please let us know the details of the job including job overview, job type as well as your corporate culture. Based on the information provided, we will find an appropriate that you are searching for and suggest you best hiring options.

2. Search Talent

Based on your requests we will conduct a talent search. We will run a screening from our applicants who have applied for the position from our website or those who have been registered with us. We will carefully choose an competent candidate based on skills and experience that are needed for the position as well as employment conditions, reference letters, and work philosophies.

3. Interview

Based on your requests we will conduct a talent search. We will run a screening from our applicants who have applied for the position from our website or those who have been registered with us. We will carefully choose an competent candidate based on skills and experience that are needed for the position as well as employment conditions, reference letters, and work philosophies.

4. Matching / Hiring Procedure

After we much You will enter into a contract with your ideal candidate. After getting documents ready such as an offer letter and employment contract, you will be asked to finalize the agreement. Now the hiring procedures are complete. City Lights offers you matching support to the competent employee by connecting a company and candidate.

We believe that a company’s culture is just as important as its business track record

Job Listing

This Matching Service Helps You For An Open Position

We believe that a company’s culture is just as important as its business track record. For this reason, we will include your company’s background story, team dynamics, and workplace values (vision) on our website. This offers candidates a chance to understand your company’s vision and work environment before they apply.


Multilingual recruitment advertisement service

Multilingual recruitment advertisements focused on corporate culture. Outreach to bilingual talent and foreigners in overseas.

Our unique multi-language recruitment visibility service provides companies with exclusive recruiting advertisements featured on our web site that explore each company’s corporate culture.

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City Lights Multilingual recruitment advertisement service

Your unique character is the lens through which we gauge who you'll work with best- And what you'll bringto the workpalce as a passionate Individual

About Us

We Are Seeking To Reinvent Recruiting

We are seeking to re-invent recruiting - forging a brighter future with employment that recognizes each individual's talents, driving social values and financial impact. To achieve this goal, we have established strategic partnerships across different sectors, offering companies a customized approach to each talent search. Building on our established networks, we are constantly expanding our partnership base to new business fields and geographic areas. This multi-disciplinary network allows us to source best talents for any job and integrate rewarding work into our employees' journey to personal fulfillment.


Founded in 2014 in New Jersey - City Lights International started its operations for a passion of shaping the corporate landscape to match the next generation's unique mindset. In Japanese, REN, our CEO’s first name, means "communication" and "creating strong relationships among people". He was given this name by his father, who wanted his son's life work to be about connecting people in an impactful way. When Ren grew up and discovered the meaning of his name, he fulfilled his father's wish by starting up City Lights International - a company based on shared values and nurturing those connections to achieve dreams.


City Lights International's mission can be summarized in three words: Meet - Connect – Innovate


By continuously expanding our networks and retaining strong relationships with each individual we meet creates an endless opportunity for us to grow. City Lights International brings people together to create thriving communities for ones’ career path.


We value our clients and respect their unique visions. Our mission is to tap into each individual’s personal and professional strengths and connect them to jobs that will further them in reaching their potential. By creating a supportive community, it encourages everyone to shine and unlock the best versions of themselves.


Our innovative-matching system combines mutual engagement (using our ingenious technology) with mindful support. Forging profound connections that produce a truly great workplace.


We believe finding the right job is a critical step to ones’ personal fulfillment. The digital generation is transforming today's workplace and social values. Matching the right person to the right job is no longer just about monetary gain, but instead, it is more about creating personal fulfillment. By matching employees to jobs that allows them to have a sense of importance and belonging, it would ultimately help fuel any company’s success. We have innovated a new style of job-seeking to achieve the best possible match between talents and business needs in a few easy steps. Our holistic platform offers everything a job-seeker needs, from rewarding job opportunities to career advice. With City Lights International, all is possible by truly understanding each person's unique potential and optimal work environment.


For Inquiries, Questions or Comments or to Get In Touch With Our Recruiters, Please Contact Us Using This Form.

There is nothing we'd love more than to hear from you and connect you to the City lights community. If you have feedback on the site - or just want to let us know what's on your mind - Please reach out to us.

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